Sock Dreams Come True

Today was an amazing day for Lil’ Brownie. After being further pampered last night by going on display at my Mary Kay party (everyone go buy stuff from my friend Liz Zurn! ), and getting a celebrity visit from StH,


you’d think that a sock really couldn’t ask for more. And if you thought this, frankly, you would be right.

And then today came. Today when two life-changing-ly amazing yarn-related things happen in one wool house in one day. Thing A you’ve already read about, and you don’t need to hear any more high-pitched squealing from me, so I won’t tell you about how Lil’ Brownie’s forbear is a finalist in the Berroco Sock Star competition. Because that would be, you know. Self-promoting.

But nothing whatsoever could quench Lil’ Brownie’s joy, when, after its disappointing debut at the first day of another job, it became the premier work on the needles at….


my first day working at a yarn shop! Ooooohh… must hold back from more squeals of delight.


Doesn’t he look so great, hobnobbing with a crowd of Zauerball? It’s like a cocktail party for sock yarn, all the time.

Anyway, my first day was great. I had a brief moment of surprise when I walked behind the counter to learn the register (I think it actually hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be doing other than playing with string) but it was easy as pie. This is an amazingly chill, well-run establishment, where employees are treated with respect, but it’s under quite good management. At least, that’s my first impression from the other side of the counter; I’ve always liked the place as a customer. I’m already scheming about what classes to teach and when, though I should probably make sure I at least know how to teach someone how to do a slip knot first (something I have yet to do successfully. “No… it just kinda goes like this” is not lecture material.)

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