OKAY so I am not usually prone to excesses of ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS! And HIGH PITCHED SQUEALS! but today is an exception for this complete n00b of a designer. Something I made went from this:

(A picture taken with the finished product on my feet, with our lovely carpet as backdrop)

To this:

(look in the top right corner. It might be hard to spot among all those things with, you know. color.)

Anyway I am pleased as peaches. This whole designer thing might not be a load of crap soup if validation like this keeps up.

If you are a knitter or crocheter or at all a yarny person, go here and vote. All of the entries are beautiful, and some of them I can’t take my eyes off of. (Can you believe that peacock-feather lace scarf?) Please vote for the ones you think are best (if you don’t vote for mine, I’ll never know) and enjoy. I know I’ll be buying the booklet to get some of these patterns. (that fair-aisle sock is to die for! ah!)

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