I had been looking forward to last night’s spinning class all week, but I was downright frustrated with my cheap little spindle. It spins okay, but it’s the slipperiest darn thing, so in preparation for the class, I did something daring.


I broke out my husband’s new hacksaw, and… well. I hacked.


Well, more sawed. With nothing better than the little file inside a pair of nail clippers to smooth out the edges, I headed bravely to the class.

And let me tell you, it was a BLAST! Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER grateful for my mom’s initial lesson, and for the extensive practice I had on the wensleydale several months back. But I learned all sorts of helpful things. I won’t tell you all of them, because you should take Kelly’s class, and because you can probably look things up on the internet for yourself, but my favorite lessons were –

-Pre-drafting. (It feels so wonderful and fuzzy in my hands!)
-Standing to keep going longer.
-How to make a makeshift Lazy Kate.
-PLYING! I can’t wait to ply. I want to ply so bad. I’m salivating just thinking about plying.

There was a bit of reciprocal photography,


And the general exchange of stories and encouragement. One lady had never learned to knit, but had a bunch of silk from having grown silkworms, and figured she ought to learn to spin! How cool is that? I love being among Fiber People.

So I give you:


Baby poop singles. I’m spinning just about every minute that I’m not sleeping or cooking or eating, so I can get a second bobbin full and PLY! I didn’t even notice when I bought it, but this stuff is merino, so it works particularly well with my skinny little spindle (which works fabulously with its little gaping notch, by the way). So we’re in for a fantastic time.

Knitting? I knit? What?

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