A few weeks ago I decided to take a spinning class at Cloverhill, and I needed to buy some roving (pre-carded, unspun, often pre-dyed wool) to do it. I am completely compelled by the idea of buying something from a shop that was actually made by the folks at the shop, and it turns out Jolene and her daughter had had a bit of fun with some acid dyes a while back that turned into some wild roving on the wall. I fell hard for one braid, which was all the colors I love. I left. I came back. I loved it more. I left.

I came back with Jared & Curtis in tow, and gleefully showed Jared the roving that seemed to be waiting for me there on the wall. “It’s all the colors I love!” I told him.

He was quiet.

“You don’t like it.”

“Well… it looks like baby poop.”


Yeah okay it kind of does. Olive green, lots of different browns, a bit of tan, even a bit of yellow and reddish… It looks like a baby poo-ed it.

This was a slight blow to my self-esteem.

But I got over it. I still love it. Jared bought it for me yesterday and I’m keeping it on the dining room table to pet now and then, and I can’t wait to spin it up proper-like. And knit it up into a baby-poop colored something for someone I love very much. Like myself.


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