Byebye Temp Cat

This post is devoted to our temp cat, SesquaHanna, who went to back to mommy and daddy in her brand-new house yesterday. I learned a lot of things last week about being a knitter with a cat. For example:


This is cute.


This is problematic. (At least when you’re a slob who leaves around projects with nice wooden needles sticking out of them. Use your imagination. I need to buy some sandpaper.)


Poor Jared loves cats, and loves Hanna, but should we ever get a cat of our own, he/she is NEVER sleeping with us. At least not until he/she learns that people are not a late-night treadmill.


Hanna was fairly patient during being posed with various pieces of knitting, though it was rather hard at first to get her to look at the camera. She didn’t pee on or chew through anything important.


Yesterday it took a minimum amount of wrasseling to get her into her carrier. I survived the kitty look of death, and she didn’t puke during the three-minute drive to her new house.


*snif.* we(I)’ll miss you.

In the meantime, as part of the grieving process, I interviewed various bits of fauna I encountered yesterday for the position of Rebbiejaye’s New Blog Pet. Please vote for one of the following:


Pepper, my parents much cat, who is very boring and afraid of wool.


Satan, discovered incarnate as a rabbit, who also goes by Spiral.


The bird in my parents’ garage, which turns out to be a common swallow, but which my dad briefly thought was a rare swallow species. (Clearly he would not have made this mistake had he used Birdstack.)


One of my sister’s as-yet-unnamed baby bunnies, who very patiently sat under StH for this (heart-stoppingly cute) photo.


My mom.

Please vote! (Note: I can’t actually take any of these home. But I promise that whichever one you vote for, I’ll pose for pictures with my knitting every chance I get. Or every time I’m at my parents’ house.)

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