Cute As A

Naomi here! I am seven months old tomorrow, whether or not my mom will admit it. I got to see my Grandma Deedee last weekend, and she gave me a Button Hat! It is smooth and soft. [Sales plug from mummy – it’s made out of Kirby Meritime that Mum dyed.]




I am still riding the skills train, much to my amusement. I am lunging after things I want, sometimes ending up in the still-hated tummy position. (It’s not that I can’t roll over. I just don’t want to. I don’t see what would be so useful about it.)



More and more often, though, my balance is good enough that I can get what I’m after, then sit back up again. Yesterday I leaned almost horizontal to pick up a block, and made it back up again! I am starting to prefer it on the floor, since it’s easier to keep my balance there than on the slouchy couch.





Also, much to my mommy’s chagrin, I have gotten really good at this:


What, you cover a hat with buttons and expect me not to think it’s a toy?

I have been having fun experimenting with “buh”s and “puh”s and related noises. I am certain that it is necessary to stick my tongue out to make these sounds. I’m not sure why Mummy and Daddy think this is so funny.



I think they are funny. Well, I think almost everyone is funny. As long as I am at home, everything is hilarious, pretty much all the time. Especially if i’m sleepy. When I’m out, my main goal is to see if I can make anything catch fire with my wide-eyed lazar-gaze.


Yeah, I’m pretty much a delight. Mommy’s working hard and is pretty tired, and I think she wants to drink as much coffee as I drink milk! But then she’d have a jittery baby and an ulcer. But ya gotta admit, it’s pretty easy to keep pushing through when your most important job is taking care of someone as sweet as me.


I’m the baby, gotta love me!


[This is, of course, a translation given to you by baby’s mama. Here is a transcript of the original:

Aaaauuuuuuuuuuuuh. Bwu bwu bwu bwu bwu ppppppp.]

2 thoughts on “Cute As A

  1. I found one of your little toy blocks in my bag of batts! So sorry…..I’ll hang onto this for you.
    And yes, I totally agree with how cute you are, you little sweetie. Thanks for making me feel like you are getting to know me and may even miss me a little when I’m gone. Love you lots!


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