SCS+BCS: Wrapping Up Five Pairs

I’ve now completed the 2022 Breed & Colour Study, the final B&C from the amazing Katrina of Crafty JAKs Boutique. This pound of fiber:

Has become these five pairs:

Am I showing off? yeaaaaah a little bit. Sorry-not-sorry. I worked really hard on these socks over the last year, and I’m over the moon with how different they all are.

I love how the sock where I carded together bits of the two batts looks so grey and desaturated in the middle. I love how all the socks spun from top have so much more scope in value than the carded ones. And that one combo-plied sock just makes my heart sing. I’m as wary of a combo-plied yarn as the next person, but I would knit that stripey sweater.

I will say that I’m thankful we’re entering this year of colour at Wool n’ Spinning, because I’m still gaining the language to notice, understand, and describe the differences between what colour is doing in all of these socks. I’ve been stuck on value for a long time, but I think saturation is starting to finally make an impression in my head. Saturation isn’t just about how much grey is in a colour. It’s about how much of a colour is in a colour. When you add black or white, you’re not just changing the value, you’re desaturating. When you add a complement, you’re not just making brown; you’re desaturating. Hence the grey in that fourth sock from the right. I really only learned that on Monday!

Thanks again to Katrina and Rachel for organizing this wonderful study, and for all the Breed & Colour studies you’ve led over the years. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’m thankful for the times I’ve been able to participate. We’re entering a new season now, growing from the work you’ve already done. I’ll have these reminders on my feet of all we’ve learned together! Further up and further in, folks!

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