A Little Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone! It’s Easter Monday, and I’m sacked out on the couch after spending most of the day having a great visit with neighbor kids. Our bodies are recovering from that last push of lots of Easter services, and adjusting to having sugar in our diets again. In between the necessary things, I found time for a little superfluous making fun.

So the kids have this Usborne knitting book for kids that they love looking through, but they want the finished products, and don’t want to knit them. So I’ve been knitting things for them from it here and there. MiniMighty was really wanting these little bags, so I had started one for her. I’m like Thursday I decided I wanted to make them for all three and have them be “Easter Bagskets.”

I stayed up late a few nights, and had to hole up on Saturday sewing on buttons. But they were all done and hidden with clues for Easter morning.

Easter also marked the first Sunday we were operating with much fewer restrictions. We seized the moment and celebrated! We had a big potluck and lots of folks brought good food. One family brought a cake in the shape of an open Bible, wish I’d gotten a picture of that one. My contribution was my first ever cupcake cake.

Next time I’ll just decorate it the day before though!

The Lord is risen and we honour him with celebrations. Be blessed this evening.

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