Chocolate Cake is Delicious

At the beginning of February, I made a cake. Just for fun. Not for Valentine’s Day, or a birthday… just for fun. I wanted to try a chocolate cake recipe.

I used the YBD vegan chocolate cake recipe. I love these vegan cake recipes because they are so impossibly easy, and the YBD ones hold up as stacking cakes. Other oil-based cakes tend to be too spongey to hold up under all that buttercream.

For the frosting, I used the recipe from the Craftsy startup class on cake decorating. Basically, it’s Swiss merengue buttercream, then you add melted dark chocolate. Yum. I mean YUM.

I made plenty of mistakes on this cake, mostly having to do with buttercream handling. It’s fussy stuff, as I continue to learn to my chagrin. I slightly cooked the egg whites, so there were a few nasty egg bits in the final product. The white I left out to sit for too long on a warm oven, so the merengue broke down and left the butter in grainy-looking blobs. So my swags are not cute and the leaves are a weird color, but I did pipe the nice flowers before this happened.

I had the idea to level up the decorations with fudge-covered Oreos. The tableau on the top was my plan; the kids added the circles on the outside… They’re a little much IMO, but it was important to them to share in the design process. The kids added the chocolate chips, which totally make it. Those tiny accents are so important. We shared the cake with lots of friends.

It. Was. So. Good. I mean, shoot. I mean, I like chocolate, but I’m not religious about it. But this makes me think about converting to All Chocolate All the Time. I’m so making this again. Thank goodness there are lots of birthdays coming up…

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