So many of us have been affected by the present crisis, in so many ways. There’s the physical threat, the fear for our families, and beyond that, an enormous trickle-down economic effect that we are going to feel for a long time. This too shall pass, but in the present, the overwhelm is real. Small businesses are going to feel a disproportionate amount of the economic fallout.

One of the friends I have had the privilege of meeting this week is Katrina Stewart. She is one of my favorite dyers in the whole world. She dyes beautiful colors filled with heart. She was also one of the many vendors at Fibres West who was impacted by the cancellation of the show.

During this time we have to do what we do best: get creative. Make and lift up.

Colorway “Fractured Dawn.” Photo by Rachel Smith.

In that spirit, my friends Rachel, Becca, and I are hosting a make-along using yarn and fiber from Katrina and her mum Judi’s company, Crafty Jaks. Their website has this delicious tagline: “Eclectic Creations Made With Love.” So we are calling it the Made-With-Love-Along.

The first yarn I spun from Crafty Jaks’ Fiber: a breed and color study from Spring 2017.

Here are the details:

  • It runs from April 1 to July 31. That will give you time to order materials.
  • It will run in the Wool n’ Spinning Ravelry group, which is hosted by Rachel.
  • Becca and I will be coordinators for this Make-along, so we will be available in the discussion thread for any questions. Participate HERE.
  • You MUST use ONLY Crafty Jaks yarn or fiber.
  • It can be any type of project: spinning, knitting, weaving, crocheting, etc.

There will be PRIZES. Lots of ’em. Here’s how you enter:

  • By July 31st, you must post a picture of your project on the Wool n’ Spinning Ravelry thread labeled “Made-With-Love-Along: Finished Objects.” I’ll link this when it’s up.
  • You do not have to buy new, but you get a BONUS entry if you buy NEW from Crafty Jaks. If you buy new, please say so in your FO post.
  • You can make anything you want, but you get another BONUS entry if you knit a pattern from Kelly, aka tomatl on Ravelry. Kelly designed a new pattern called A Sign of Spring using two colors of Crafty Jaks’ new B-Fabu-Licious yarn, but use any pattern of hers for the extra entry. Please indicate if you used one of Kelly’s patterns in your FO post.
  • The point of the giveaway is not to be glibly materialistic, but to recognize that we can keep giving and sharing with each other even in a time of stress.
“A Sign of Spring” in B-Fabu-Licious. Photo copyright Kelly G. Click to link to Ravelry pattern page.

There will be a chat thread on Ravelry to visit and talk about our projects. Maybe it’d be a good place to continue to brainstorm about creative ways we can come alongside individuals, families, communities, and businesses affected by our present crisis.

Here is my B-Fabu-Licious in Blush, Windblown, and Favourite Jeans. I’m so excited to cast on for April 1st. What will you make?

As each day passes, the consequences of what we are going through become more and more overwhelming. But my thought for today is this: I can’t fix this for everybody, but I can give a little help to somebody. Maybe you can too. So let’s do this.

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