There’s nothing like a commission from my kid! Paid in laundry folding, of course.

It started with N asking if I could weave a ballerina. “Maybe… can you show me what pose you want the ballerina to be doing?”

Well… I think I can do that!

What followed was some sketching, and some discussion of what colours out of the few I have on hand would work. I used more Northmavine leftovers for the warp and doubled for the background.

Her dress is some pink handspun that I had brought to make something else; the tan is some acrylic I found in the church craft box; the hair is a bit of soumak in the purple I used for the mug rugs.

A couple quiet days and it was done. It’s so true that just leaving weaving out, it gets done, here a little there a little. And the kids are weirdly tolerant of me working on it, unlike knitting and spinning.

It was a massive learning experience for me, and it brings much happiness to one little girl. Not once did the imperfections bother me, since she likes it so well!

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