Club Mom Reveal: March

This is the last of these posts, which have become a little end of the month ritual. It’s been fun to have a little present to look forward to each month. It’s made me appreciate how not just this, but a really large portion of my spinning habit (to say nothing of my other crafts), has been enabled by the generosity of my mother.

My little helpers know the routine!

Take a peek: looks like maroon. My other favorite color.

It’s a tube of roving! BFL roving, in fact. Ina scrummy mix of shades of purples.

This is from a small and very local farm (to where I grew up) called Flying Goat Farm. It seems like a small concern, the same sort of home business my mum runs. And this is just lovely.

I thought just for fun I’d gather up the whole “club” as it stands. As you see I’ve only spun one, though I started another yesterday.

I had asked for the set to be “different fibers” not specifying what I meant aside from “not much merino.” Indeed there are lots of diverse fibers, not just from different breeds of sheep and other animals, but many different blends and preparations. Crazy batt and smooth rolags, bullseye batt, top and roving. 100% silk in a top; BFL in a roving. I may not have used much of it yet, but a lot of this will be started or used up in the 51 yarns SAL, or will still serve it’s purpose of being a creativity-feeding “snack spin.”

Thanks mum as always for supplying my creative side. Happy birthday month to you too!

One thought on “Club Mom Reveal: March

  1. How fun. You have a great mum! Your spinning inspires me to keep at it! I recently received some Llama … no idea what to do with it. 🙂 Enjoy your spinning.


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