Club Mom: Sept/Oct Unboxing

With a finished yarn finally under my belt, and a little bit of creative mojo coming back in a busy season, Baby and I decided to open the next instalment of the Birthday fiber.

She’s working so hard on sitting up by herself, and really thinks she can help!

Staples aren’t quite her thing, though.

What is it?

It’s an art batt! A crazy, overstuffed, textured batt, with some amazing color combos going on. It’s got a lot of white and red and black and yellow and sparkle, but it stays grounded with the background of earthy green.

This color is practically a neutral in my wardrobe, so, win.

The provenance of this batt seems lost in the sands of time, as well as any information about its content. That doesn’t matter practically so much with an art batt; it’s made of so many things that have to be wrangled together that it doesn’t much help to know what specifically is in it. I can tell it’s mostly wool of various types, and there may be some alpaca in there, as well as some extruded cellulose fiber, silk maybe, and sparkly stuff. Sometimes you don’t have to get caught up in the names, and the stuff can just be itself without any boxes.

I’m really torn whether to wrestle this into submission as a textured two ply or to let it be an insane artyarn. We’ll see.

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