Back at the Needle

Casa Osborn (Osbornkut?) started school this week! One big girl started Kindergarten, and that same little girl has always wanted fur on her coat hood.

Jared had found a suitable piece of fur at a rummage sale in the spring. Already cut to shape and backed with tough commander fabric, it saved me a lot of steps. I wonder if it came off someone else’s coat.

This being September, I knew it was time to hop to it. I could not have chosen an easier reentry into sewing. I learned from examining our handmade parkas from Nunavik that the fur only has to be tacked on very loosely – we’re talking centimetre-long stitches.

Fur is so important up here. Fox fur has an amazing power to cut the wind around your face. The furs are very valuable and long-lasting, and because it’s so gently attached, even when a parka wears out, the fur can be removed and attached to a new coat.

The fur trade goes back a long way up here. I don’t know much about the current state of the fur industry, though I would like to find out. Still, it’s nice when investing in an animal skin to get a quality piece that I know I will be able to reuse. This piece is adult-hood-length, but I just tacked the ends together so I didn’t have to cut it.

Now I’ve got the bug. I have several sewing projects that have been backing up in a queue that’s become quite intimidating. But sewing, though it has so many steps, goes fast. This came together during two episodes of Daniel Tiger, and gave me the immense satisfaction of keeping my child warm. What shall I attack next?

We got our first good bit of blowing, accumulating snow today, so the urge clearly came none too soon!

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