Y’all Ready for This

Please feel free to have the Space Jam theme playing in your head as I steek. I know I did. You’re welcome.

Husband took the two bigs to the pool this morning, so while baby napped I pulled out my sewing machine. I’d planned on using the crochet method, but fell back on my original plan to try the EZ method of sewing a few lines by machine. I want to try her methods generally, and really, this was loads faster.

A line of basting, with two lines of sewn reinforcement…

The inside (yes, the thread is a different color), after neatening up the ends (which I could not be bothered to sew in; I didn’t see the point when my steek is so wide anyway).

Deep breath and… snip!

I have cut several streaks thus far in my knitting career, and they don’t intimidate me, but I still do it with my heart in my throat. It’s just so un-knitty. Knitting is so handy because you can always mindlessly chug along in the knowledge that any mistakes can be ripped out and fixed later. STEEKING IS FOREVER. (Excuse me while I breathe into a bag for a moment.)

Ok I’m over it. Cutting went perfectly; everything seems stable. Now time for the point of steeking it in this unfinished state: trying it on.

The neck is pretty wide, and the whole yoke is pretty big. It’ll only get bigger when I block it properly. My swatch may have lied horribly when it said I should use the same size needles for the fair isle as the plain. I wanted a slouchy fit, but I don’t want it falling off. I’m going to be optimistic and say it’s not too big, but I’ll be careful in the blocking not to stretch.

It’s sort of difficult to get a flattering picture of ones own backside, but the fitting looks like it might be doing what it’s supposed to. It widens for my hips, but the way I did the ribbing draws it in so it’s not a boat.

Seeing this helps me decide what to do with the collar. I think that nicely pulling-in hem should be matched with a collar that’s not too low. So to combat the risk of it being falling-off big, I’ll make a nice tall, tight ribbed collar next. I should reinforce the neck hem with some ribbon as well. Better dig some up.

Then to figure out how to treat that steek… I’m interested in Kate Davies’ steek sandwich.

One little step at a time. I’ve picked up the collar; it’ll feel good to be doing some ordinary ribbing again. No Space Jam theme for this bit. Which is just fine with me. A little quiet boring knitting suits me down to the ground.

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