A Hat: …Really Finished

Ugh. Writing all these posts about unfinished things lit a fire under my bum to do something about these projects. (Not counting the Kidlet; she’s not supposed to be finished.) I don’t want pretty knitted things to just sit around unused for lack of a little extra work! So a few days ago, N and I toodled out to Baffin Electronics and bought some fabric, thread, and a zipper to figure out this laptop case. Maybe I’ll get to sit down with that on Sunday or Monday… ha. And earlier during the day, I threw this bad boy in the washing machine. Here’s the before picture:

Epic-ly enormous. It took two full cycles of the washing machine – like half an hour of agitation, at least – to get this thing down to a reasonable size. Here’s what it looks like now:

Much, much, much more reasonable! And with a wonderful halo that is extremely fetching and very soft. It can be worn as a beret, or more as a slouchy hat:

Although my older daughter rather wants it to be a mushroom for Halloween.

It has been removed from Miss Toadette and delivered to the ACW bin. I missed the craft sale this was intended for because of the sizing snafu, but it’ll be ready for the next one. Yay! An actually finished thing!

Now, to find a few quiet hours to assemble this bag…

2 thoughts on “A Hat: …Really Finished

  1. That hat turned out great! It looks sooooo soft and cozy since having its spa day soak and massage! LOL! I have to admit, thought, that I get a bit of a chuckle out of that “before” picture. The look on your face just screams (or maybe mumbles), “Well, crap. Now what?” 😛

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what becomes of the laptop case. It’s gorgeous and needs to be put to use so more people can enjoy it!


    1. Lol yes I was quite sad about the hat before, but n the end it’s for the best, since it’s so much warmer now! And here’s hoping I get to the laptop case tomorrow; ugh I would rather spin!


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