Two Pairs of Kid Socks

This, the penultimate, the Eleventh Day of Christmas Knitting, brings us down to the number two. Two is the number of feet most humans are born with, and also the number of children I have, and ergo squares to the total number of socks my mother knit my children for Christmas.


Mum has began an adorable tradition when N was born: every year she knits her a pair of socks and writes her a little letter. The letter goes in a binder, and when the socks are outgrown, the socks go in too.

Double the kids meant double the work, and their feet only get bigger. I keep wondering if she’ll regret her commitment when they suddenly sprout adult-sized feet as preteens. So far I’ve managed to rescue all the letters, though I have to hide the binder or the outgrown socks get strewn about the room on a daily basis. Not for any reason I can find – they aren’t used for dolls or anything – just, every day the binder is in N’s room during rest time, the socks end up strewn about the room. I think most things that N does during rest time are motivated by spite. (I guess I’m feeling a little cynical about this at the moment. N just woke M up early from her nap by discovering how to play with the fan switch in the bathroom. I’m only blogging with the help of Daniel Tiger. ANYWAY.)


This year’s entries are very sweet. Lightly variegated or semi-solid sock yarn, jazzed up with tiny stripes of two other colors. A ruffle tops the ribbed cuff.


They both seem to long enough, though M’s have a little trouble staying on. I’m guessing that has something to do with her still-chubby baby feet. Her feet are still slimming down from becoming a walker a few months ago, so maybe they’ll fit better later.

Best of all, together with their other knitted gifts from Deedee and the other clothing gifts she sent, they have complete Deedee outfits.


Yup, these little girls are loved. Do you have any annual knitting traditions? Does anyone else in your family?

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