No Time, Must Knit

Just a quick progress update, no time to comment, ‘cuz it’s day 15 and I’ve still got a fair clip to go.

The long, placid, enjoyable slog through the body was my weekdays this week.

I had finished the body and divided off for the pockets in what seemed like good time, but for whatever, reason, the five inches of lightly patterned hem seemed to take forever.

I was only through 2 of the 5 inches last night, and knew that would not do.

By 1:30 this morning, having watched a few badminton games and a painfully streamed synchronized swimming final, I had remedied the hem situation. (Ain’t it great that Jared’s preaching all month?!)

As of naptime’s conclusion, I finished one of the two cheeky striped pocket linings.

I still have the the other pocket lining, the entire shawl collar (which may undergo a bit of a redesign on the fly as I run out of yarn), and about a hundred miles of i-cord around the whole thing.

Ironic, or perhaps just appropriate, that my last post was about the importance of closing a race well! See you on the other side of the finish line…

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