I Will Miss

Let’s play a game.

I will miss: green grass and green trees.
I will not miss: tree pollen and weeding.

I will miss: songbirds.
I will not miss: bird poo on my car.

I will miss: driving on a freeway with the windows open.
I will not miss: commuting anywhere ever.*

I will miss: the endless choices of limitless chain stores.
I will not miss: the endless choices of limitless chain stores.

I will miss: summer dresses.
I will get: to wear clergy shirts.

I will miss: fresh, affordable, often local, produce.
I will get: fresh, affordable, usually local, fish.

I will miss: making cheese. (Can’t get not-ultra-pasturized milk, and it’d cost a fortune anyway.)
I will get: to make lots more bread. (Rather popular since bread is expensive. A bread machine is on my short list of acquisitions.)

I will miss: Netflix.
I will get: to swap DVD collections with new friends.

I will miss: the sweet friendships we’ve made here.
I will get: to see most of them every year, and on skype, more than many expats can say.

I will miss: getting to see my mom almost every month.
… Nope, not really a counterpart to that one.

I will miss: getting away to the next town when I need a change of scene.
I will not miss: the isolation of being a SAHM with a paralyzing number of choices of activities.

I will miss: the familiarity and ease of living in my own culture.
I will get: to live my dream of being immersed in not just one, but two new cultures.

*You can’t really drive more than five miles in Iqaluit without going in circles. Unless you take a skidoo (in winter) or a four-wheeler (in summer) and take off across the land. Which is totally on my to-do list.

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