Breakup Knitting

We got a bit of sad news yesterday: we will not be able to have the home birth we planned. Not because it would have been unsafe, but because of other factors out of our control. We’re very disappointed and a bit angry, and still processing. (Baby girl is still healthy, exactly on target for growth, and crazy active. I’ll get on updating those bump pictures soon, I promise.)

The funny thing about it is, that while this is certainly frustrating, it’s not tragic by any long shot (and you know that we know tragic). It’s more on the emotional level of a breakup. At least, I seem to be reacting to it like a breakup, since all I want to do is blow off homework, eat chocolate, play video games, and cast on new knitting projects.

At least, that’s how I imagine I would respond to a boyfriend breaking up with me over email. I understand this is a little eclectic. How do you respond when something frustrating and sad happens and you just need to be nice to yourself?

(The chocolate is dark chocolate non-pareils; the game is L. A. Noire which I’ve had for months and not taken the time to try; the project is a last-minute commission from a husband who wants to give his wife something really special for Hanukah and picked a smashing luxury yarn. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?)

7 thoughts on “Breakup Knitting

  1. Hmmm…I have to figure out how to be nice to myself, first… Sorry to hear about the change of plans, but unfortunately, there will probably be many more! Just hang in there – it’s a heck of a ride!


  2. What do I do? Cry a little, talk it out with a friend (or two), take a nap, buy some Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and curl up under an afghan with a good book. Something along the lines of James Harriott.

    Sorry to hear about the change in plans… glad to hear the little lady is still doing well. šŸ™‚


  3. I miss your wit Rebecca! I am happy to hear that the little one is a squirmy-wormy, sorry that your birth is not going to go as planned. I often think of you as I am knitting this holiday season. I am almost done a pair of angry bird hats for the boys. Or should I say crocheting this season. I taught myself how to crochet lately and am happy with how quick it is, but find the sizeing very frustrating. I have had to re-crochet it a few times. There might be something for my hubby as well but I think these comments are public so I will leave it at that!
    i am hopeing to finish them soon so I can finish up a nativity that I started over a year ago. I am part way through each member of the holy family and really want it done for christmas. However with only 10 days till baby due date I may run out of time šŸ™‚
    Miss you and wish I could see you and your bump over the holidays!


  4. I have learned to focus on the positive – not on the disappointment. Sometimes it takes a day or two – or three. As far as the active baby – think soccer scholarship šŸ™‚ I couldn’t believe the picture of non-pareils. I saw some at the store this a.m. and was soooo tempted, but I was told this past spring that I am borderline diabetic – your picture got me drooling all over again.

    God bless you, Rebecca. What exciting times. One of my “babies” is turning 46 tomorrow! Seems like just yesterday that I held him in my arms for the first time. God is good.


  5. Yes, I react in a similar way too. This past Tuesday afternoon found me in front of a chic flick, a huge piece of chocolate cake, and a new spinning project.


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