Movember, Moustaches, and Mo…?

Better late than never, welcome to November! Which is, as some powers that be have declared, Men’s Health Month. Or something.

If men can spraypaint their hair pink, and football players can wear ghastly pink trainers and caps, all for the sake of curing breast cancer, then women can totally participate in supporting men’s health. Amirite? Yes.

At Trinity School for Ministry, where the hubs and I are full-time students, something of a tradition has arisen in November. It’s called MO-vember. “Mo” is apparently short for “moustache” in Australia, where this phenomenon started. The idea – participants of the manly persuasion shave all facial hair at the start of the month, and grow a moustache all November. When asked about it, it is the proper response to say something about prostates or colons!

Here’s our illustrious team, including our dean & president (far left) and my pastor (far right). Our fearless leader is in the center back. The manly types all shaved on Monday.

Not to state the obvious, but this moustache-growing thing is not an activity that us “Mo Flos” can participate in. Or want to. At all. If I was a little more on top of things, and had more time, i would have made one of these incredible thingies:

Incognito from Knitty. WANT. Maybe next year. My commission schedule doesn’t have any wiggle room at the moment, or I’d be all up on this.

But we ladies have decided that “mo” also starts another word than “moustache” – that is, “mo-hawk.” (you will see that team-member Sarah has already gone for it.)

Before you freak out, I’m not going to shave anything. This is the style picture I like – definitely longer in the middle, but pixied on the sides instead of shaved.

I would have gone for it Nov. 1st, but I couldn’t get an appointment with my haircutting friend until the 10th (that’s Saturday). My bangs are way outta hand (and I can’t re-dye them while pregnant, so my roots are terrifying), so something’s gonna give.

Still freaking out?

I have a deal for you. If you don’t want me to get a mohawk, you have two days. I’m going to get a haircut on Saturday, and I am entirely prepared to get a ‘hawk, but if there is a veritable outcry of protest, I will control myself (probably just shorten my bangs and keep growing some semblance of a bob).

Here’s how you can express that outcry: donate to men’s health through my MoSpace page. (MoSpace! I know.) If at least $200 are donated through my page by Saturday late afternoon/early evening (or whenever my appointment is exactly), I will amend my plans. But I warn you. I am fully prepared to go through with this.

Are you in support of the ‘hawk? You have the rest of November to donate, and I’ll remind you again.

So it’s up to you. Pro Mo, or No Mo?

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