Toe on the Line, Waiting for the Shot

London is probably a completely insane place to be right now. Jam packed with the usual sardine-like arrangement of a major capital, plus a global array of tourists and athletes and support staff and journalists and pickpockets and terrorists (since all the media can talk about leading up to the olympics is how DANGEROUS it is BE AFRAID). The excitement of years building up to a fever pitch as they wait for the last runner to light the big torch. And something about a 40-foot Voldemort battling a flock of Mary Poppins?!

There’s no coverage here until 7:30, when I’ll be partying with my buds and watching the replay. But in the meantime, I’m trying to channel some of that excitement across the pond into my silent little house in Pittsburghian suburbia, where little is moving more than the second hand on my clock and the ants checking out yesterday’s spilt coffee grounds.

But I am ready.

My cleaned 1/2 fleece is avery encouraging 2.6 lbs, which means I’ll have ample quantity for a big shawl, even accounting for the VM still in some of it. This also means I’ll be able to spin it a little thicker – I’m shooting for a 3-ply aran weight, which with how I’ve been spinning, will turn bulky if I’m not vigilant. But 2.6 lbs means room for error, and I mean this to be quick and funky.
Sheep Heid is ready to come on the road with me tomorrow, what with its *nine balls* of Jamieson & Smith supreme jumper weight. It’s a bit overkill really; according to the directions, there’s enough yarn there for at least seven hats! Maybe a bunch of you will get sheep heids for Christmas? Or I’ll make some for an auction?
I’m stoked; are you? Half an hour to go! (And I’m absolutely bringing my spinning wheel to a party full of non-craftspersons. That’s how I roll.)

One thought on “Toe on the Line, Waiting for the Shot

  1. I got 5 skeins of “Road to China” by The Fibre Company just to make the fair isle hat from a recent Vogue. So I’m thinking Christmas presents! We can all dress in matching head gear – including the baby.


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