My Week via Stream of Consciousness

Last week was the week of many awesome parties and odd movies. Tuesday, I was surprised and pleased that my top-down sweater class actually had attendees. Wednesday, I watched Singing in the Rain and Pan’s Labyrinth for the first time – awesome, but enough of an emotional trip for anyone. Roommate A had the brilliant idea of having a dessert competition for her birthday, which we celebrated on Thursday, followed by a viewing of Down With Love (two words: oh dear). Friday was date night. Saturday, a full day of work was followed by a birthday party for our resident adventuring Bard, which concluded with a fairly inebriated viewing of the new Three Musketeers (so embarrassingly bad that I hope for its own sake that it was intentionally satirizing itself). Not to be outdone, Jared threw a surprise April-Fools Not-your-birthday-but-yours-is-on-Good-Friday-which-is-depressing birthday party for me yesterday afternoon, where instead of cake my friends brought me brie. I will take cheese over chocolate any. day. at all. And – the greatest gift – we finally started watching season 6 of Doctor Who.

Roommate A's Birthday spread - entrants included apple pie, chocolate mousse, fudge torte, and chocolate pudding made with avocados. The avocado pudding and "sleazy brownies" tied for first place.

So it’s not really any wonder that I’m sick. I didn’t party myself into a coma, but into a solid head cold. So I’ve been spending as much time as possible today curled up with honeyed and lemoned tea, trying desperately to preserve my voice for the insane amount of chanting I’ll be doing towards the end of this week.

Not even my new love affair with kale breakfast smoothies could ward off the consequences of all these late nights.

But, with all that time in front of the boob tube, I have been getting a decent bit of knitting done. None of which I’m going to show you today. I’m going to go to D&D night, curl up in the foetal position, drink orange juice, and attempt to play two characters (in addition to my own halfling rogue, I’m also playing a six-foot half-orc meat shield named Hank) while doing the homework I assigned for my top-down sweater class.

I guess you can have a picture of that, even though right now it looks precious little different from every other top down sweater ever designed. The pattern is Mary Jane, and I am loving it passionately, even though I’m knitting it in cotton (“Freedom” by Twilleys of Stamford, won as a prize at the MD state fair a few years ago, and even Ravelry doesn’t seem to have heard of it). I love designing, but it is so much precise work, with so much riding on my own accuracy and attention to detail, that it’s a lovely break to just knit something that someone else designed and haphazardly follow their directions. I’m knitting it on interchangeables, and I’m pretty sure I have two different sized tips. And I don’t even care.

3 thoughts on “My Week via Stream of Consciousness

  1. I can’t believe I have not made a sweater that way yet; something I have wanted to do for ages. Knitting has endless things to learn! Endless creations to think of! How I love it.


  2. Hi Carol! I used this recipe: BUT I’ve been using honey instead of maple syrup, omitting the flax seeds (Because I don’t have any), and throwing in a couple of strawberries because they were lying around. You also have to put the kale into the blender FIRST and blend the living daylights out of it, or else you have all these nasty kale bits. But it tastes great; I don’t taste (or recognize) the kale at all.


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