Random at Wednesday’s End

There is no way that you think I am deep and thoughtful all the time. But in case you were fooled, let me reassure you with some arbitrary content from the depths of my end-of-semester, pre-Christmas stupor.

1. Do you know what these are going to be?

I bet you can’t guess. They look right now like they might become slippers for Dufflepuds, but that is not the case, as I am not related to any Dufflepuds that I know of, or at least not closely enough to knit them anything. I’m not telling.

2. More disconcerting are these:

I’m not really sure what these are going to be. There was a plan at the beginning, but a shortage of yarn and a serious second-guessing of taste has these on pause.

3. In a combined effort to contribute to the nutrient intake of my household and avoid writing papers, our remaining home-grown pumpkins were converted into soup and paste to be frozen. Oddly, the flesh ended up having the consistency of spaghetti squash. I pureed the soup so it wasn’t all weird and… noodley.

4. This came home with me today by accident (it leapt into my cart, I swear), while I was out shopping for things not-for-me.

We knitters are creatures of paradox.

3 thoughts on “Random at Wednesday’s End

  1. What are those things? Little hats, little sacks, a bag for collecting tax? A random place for tacks?
    Sorry I got carried away….. too much Dr. Seuse!
    The soup sounds yummy. Oh and did you get the sign from the “crack store for knitters”?
    I really want one.


  2. ROFL Joni!! perhaps a place to hide a grax or potholders made out of flax.

    The sign came from JoAnns! 60% off! I guess that made it like 4$.


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