Oh, Right!

Also, I have different hair! Halloween was the Big Reveal on the new ‘do, but I was so distracted by new knitwear that I totally forgot to post about it.

The Side Shot:

This chop had been a long time in coming, and it feels really good. I’m still learning to style it – me and Hair Product are, at best, the sort of awkward acquaintances that feel like they have to wave at each other at parties, but don’t have enough in common to have an actual conversation about anything except the weather and oblique sports references. But we need to get past that, as the first day I had my hair cut and just wore it as it fell, my well-meaning roommate said I looked like a “Snazzy Mom.” And I will have none of that. So I proceeded to the next step of the process and dyed it a little darker (Ironically, much closer to the hair color of my actual Mom), and have been playing with mussing and tussling. Mostly I find it takes longer to do everything with bangs in my face, because I’m constantly distracted, and whenever I’m bored I can play with the bush that now lives on the back of my head. But I love it. It’s very me; like the punk me that was always in there, but was only subtly expressed.

Also, my fingernails are purple. It’s a good day.

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