Credit Roll

All the random floral pictures were shots I took during a trip to an arboretum in Baltimore a couple years back. Credit goes to me for the pics, and to Jared for buying the camera and taking me on the arboretum date.

In the quiet of Holy Saturday, now that the KAL is nearly wrapped up and Lent is nearly over, I want to take a wee post to acknowledge the cool people who made this project possible.

  • Thanks again to all the essay writers, who gave their time and thought and heart into the essays that accompanied the KAL on this blog. Todd, D. Scott, Meg, Jared, Rachel, Mike, and Barb, you guys rock.
  • Thanks to Rod, the professor of the class for whom this pattern was originally a project, for making me do it, and for thinking it was cool.
  • Thanks to Cathy and Joan and the ladies at Yarns Unlimited for providing yarn and supporting the project, especially putting kits together!
  • Thanks to Jared, who does more than his share of the cooking and cleaning when I am in CrAzY mOdE. Happy birthday today!
  • Thanks to Jonica and Mom for test knitting the scarf; it was a great labor of love, and your feedback really raised the caliber of the project. Don’t let the errata get you down; it would have been SO much worse if not for you!
  • Thanks to Curtis for continuing to host the site, providing suggestions, fixing things, making updates, and accepting pay in the form of knitwear.
  • Thanks to my advisee group at Trinity, and for everyone else who prayed for the project and the participants. Methinks it worked.

Thanks to all who participated (and are still participating… I know this will be a Pentecost scarf for many!) Thanks for knitting, for chatting on the Ravelry forum, for finding the errors we missed, for making a PDF on my laptop into a prayerful community that crosses an ocean or two. Thanks for sharing your stories of hardship and triumph, for praying for each other, and for your little notes of encouragement. I know you are busy people and busy knitters, so it means so much to me that you would give your time to this project. It was hard work for me too, but you made it more worth it than I could have known how to expect.

And thanks to be to our God, the Creator of the universe, from whom all our creative juices flow, in whom goodness and beauty and life are found, and to whom be the glory in all things. Thanks be to Him for writing the story in which we find ourselves. We look forward in joyful hope to its culmination.

2 thoughts on “Credit Roll

  1. Thank you, Rebecca, for all your hard work and dedication and vision to make this possible. You’ve given a lot of joy to us all and made us realise again how great is this story – the greatest ever told.
    Happy Easter!


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