Errata for Clue #3

Below are the errata found for Clue #3, mostly small. Updated versions of clues #2 and #3 have been send out to all participants. Thanks again for your patience, and for you speedy folks finding the errors that made it past us.

Again, the chart is correct.


The first error is in the Directions section on the second page, next to the chart. After you are done the chart, I had you re-starting the seed stitch on the wrong row. The second-to-last paragraph on that page should read as follows:

“When the chart is complete, work rows A and B five times, then work row A once, completing eleven more rows of seed stitch.


Three small errors were discovered in the Written Directions on the third page. The corrected rows are below, with changes in bold and italics.

Row 21: K3; *C1RP, P6, C1LP* 6 times; K3. [Original instructions had just C1R and C1L, which is incorrect.]
Row 22: K3; P1; *K8; P2* 5 times; K8; P1; K3. [Formerly, the row said to repeat 6 times, and there was a stray asterisk in there.]
Row 39: K3; P1; *C1LP, P4; C1RP; P2* 5 times; C1LP; P4; C1RP; P1; K3. [The last C1RP said “K1RP” for some inexplicable reason.]

2 thoughts on “Errata for Clue #3

  1. Since I started this Lenten KAL late I am only on Clue #3. I notice on row #33 of the chart it is knit but the written directions say to K3;P60;K3.(This is a repeat of row 26 – but on a RS row.). Above you say that the chart is correct so I guess I will go by the chart but was wondering which is right…the chart or the directions.


    1. WOW Betti, I can’t believe no one caught this one! You can do it either way – mom and I debated for a while on which would make the top half of the chart more accurately mirror the bottom. I did it just knitting across the row, and that’s what the final pattern will say; mom opted to start reverse stockinette on row 33.


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