More Errata for Clue #2

Oh dear, clue #2… Clearly, it wants to embody the spirit of The Fall.
Thankfully, many speedy knitters have paved the way so problems can be fixed.


As a couple folks have pointed out, in the Written Directions, there was a mis-crossed cable on Row 63. That row should read as follows:

Row 63: K3; P11; C1RP; P6; *C1RP, P2* 2 times; K1tbl; P2; K4; P2; K1tbl; *P2, C1LP* 2 times; P6; C1LP; P11; K3.


In the Directions section on p. 2, the increase section is not quite right. It should read as follows:

After completing chart, increase 4 stitches evenly across the next row as follows; *K12, KFB* four times; K10. (66 stitches.)


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