Errata for Clue #2

Three little errors have turned up in Clue #2; I wanted to make sure you all have these.

1. In “Techniques, Symbols, and Abbreviations” on page 1, the instruction for “MB – Make Bobble” is not quite right, because it leaves you on the wrong side. I thought I’d fixed this, but somehow the old version snuck through. You can just knit the stitch leftover when you turn back to the right side (for that matter, you can do whatever sort of bobble you want; I’m certainly not going to look over your shoulder), but this is how these bobbles are intended to be done:

MB – Make Bobble: In this stitch, Knit in the front, back, front, back, and front. Turn and purl these five stitches. Turn and knit these five stitches. Turn and P2tog, P1, P2tog. Turn and K3tog. [The third row of stockinette is omitted on five stitches, and the decreases are done on opposite sides from the original direction.]


2. A simple yet important error in the Written Directions for Clue #2. You may have noticed that row 37 was accounted for twice in the written directions, whereas row 38 was not described at all.

I’ve included the context below so you know where the correction goes. Only bolded & italicized parts are changed.

Rows 12-37: Repeat rows 10-11 thirteen (13) more times.
Row 38: Repeat row 10.
Row 39: K3; P22; P2tog; M1R; K5; KFB; M1P; K6; M1L; P2tog; P22; K3. (68


3. In the Written Directions, Row 59 is missing an instruction at the end. It should read as follows (As usual; i’ve put in {} instead of asterisks, because of ravelry’s use of asterisks):

Row 59: K3; P13; {C1RP, P2} 2 times; K1tbl; P3; K2; P2; C2x1LP; C2x1RP; P2; K2; P3; K1tbl; {P2; C1LP} 2 times; P13; K3.

As before, the Chart is correct.

Thanks, as ever, for your patience.

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