Happy New Ouch

It’s over a week into the new year, so you might suspect me of neglecting my monthly sock thing. Not so, friends, not so.

Jared & I had a quiet new year’s eve at home, playing video games and snacking and watching no descending spheres. When we saw our clock tick past midnight, the first thing I did was kiss my spouse, and the second thing was to cast on these babies.

The pattern is called “Chalet Socks,” from Folk Socks of course, and the yarn is a beautiful skein of Colinette “Jitterbug” that I’ve had around since that one time I visited the Knitters Nest in Sykesville. This photo really doesn’t do justice to the deep sangria red of this yarn. I’ve been staring at it on my sock yarn shelf for over a year and a half, saving it for just this occasion.

I’ve known this yarn was destined for these socks since I started this series; the beautiful twisted stitch patterns and deep red semisolid were a match made in heaven. Not to mention that the coiled construction of the yarn is one of my favorite types to work with, and is amazing for stitch definition.

So why do I hate them?

Eight days into January, and I’ve made it barely one repeat into the chart. Because I can’t stand them. I actually found myself starting other projects to avoid working on these. What’s going on?

I should have known. I have done one other twisted-stitch heavy project: Meg Swanson’s Proverbial Cap back in August. Tight gauge, twisted stitches, and coiled yarn construction look gorgeous in a finished project, but make my wrists feel like they are going to explode. I didn’t think I would have this problem with these socks, but it turns out that US1.5’s are a bit small for this yarn anyway, and make a twisted-stitch pattern feel like knitted chain mail. I got through a hat okay, but I am very unsure about this sock.

What should I do? Rip it all out, start over on 2.5s? I have some wide-footed friends who might like these next Christmas. Or slog through, since that’s what the pattern calls for? Ugh.

You guys vote. I’m going back to my avoidance knitting.

One thought on “Happy New Ouch

  1. My vote: start it over on the larger needles. You knit so fast that you won’t lose much time if you start over. *I* am a wide footed woman! …..and red is my favorite color…..and my birthday is coming up…..hint, hint. However, I would prefer you to ENJOY this project and not have it be an agony to knit.


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