The Needles Flieth

November is here! There’s not much green left on the trees, and we’ve had a couple of honest-to-goodness freezing cold mornings. Every last ray of sunshine causes a burst of gratitude as I try to prepare my psyche for several months of intense dreariness. (And to think… I have aspirations of living in Canada someday. I must be quite daft.)

I surprise myself sometimes. One might think that after knitting 50″ of stocking last month, I might be rather sick of socks. But it turns out I am more ornery than I suspected. Maybe it’s the looming paper deadlines, or the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and nary a green or red stitch has made it onto my needles. But I am determined that November’s socks are not going to catch me napping, that I am going to nip them in the bud before they (and the rest of the gigantic pile of stuff that needs to get done this month) nip me instead.

All that to say that by halfway through my morning class, I was done the leg of the first of this month’s socks.

I blinked a couple of times. Am I just completely inured to the knitting of tubes? Is it called “magic loop” because little elves come and speed up your stitching? I’m not sure. Not having my pattern on me to continue onto the heel, I threw that bad boy onto a piece of waste yarn and pulled yarn from the center of the ball to start the second leg –

And after 4 more hours of class, 1 hour in the car, and 1.5 hours at a ladies’ dinner, I’m more than halfway down the second leg. Criminey.

(You understand I’m taking a very great risk showing this much progress publicly. It’s more or less like asking the universe to please strike me by lightning and speed up time so I get no more knitting done for the rest of the month.)

You might be thinking to yourself, “What a cute little plain sock. Rebs must be needing a quiet month. It’s good there’s a little bit of lacy flim-flam on the cuff or we’d be asleep already.” Well, don’t drink your nightcap just yet. These are the “Greek Socks” from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks (that’s right folks, I’m back to doing them in order), and the party hasn’t even started yet. I have decided to name my rendition of this pattern “Feta Cheese,” and I will leave you to meditate on possible reasons why. Let’s just say it has something to do with the mess currently taking up most of my coffee table.

One thought on “The Needles Flieth

  1. The lacy flim flam IS lovely….but what on earth are you going to do with all those colors? Are you going to embroider them? Can’t wait to see.


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