In Trouble

Being a very bad girl and blogging from class. Biblical Languages and Interpretation, to be specific, where I am learning that the Hebrew script has a lot in common with D’ni. If anyone gets that reference, I will be thoroughly amazed, and I will have to get together with you for a major nerdfest.

But that’s not why I’m in trouble. Class is my main sock-of-the-month knitting time, I should tell you. And at the beginning of reading week, I was just finishing the first kilt stocking at the end of Anglican Way.

This was all good. It was halfway through the month, I was halfway through the pair. It was cool. I was truckin’.

But during our chill out time, I didn’t knit much. I just relaxed, gave my wrists a break, ended up knitting some baby sweaterage while  I was reading. As a result, now that I’m back in class this morning, this is all I have to show on the second stock.

It’s October 25th.


4 thoughts on “In Trouble

  1. I did NOT get the reference, but unless it has to do with knitting or yarn, I don’t really care. Hope you don’t mind. I’m just not a scholar. Nope.
    I went on my own retreat for 4 days Thurs.-Sunday. It was nice but a lot of work….more like spiritual boot camp. Not nearly enough time for knitting. I’m so glad to be home. I’ve been reading my new book on dying and am gearing up to dye some more fleece!! Hooray!!


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