Chateau of Love

Jared & I are going to be away for a few days – escaping civilization to spend half of reading week in the mountains. I can’t wait to get away from it all and spend a little time somewhere that’s just different. But while we’re gone, allow me to leave you with this long-awaited view of the inside of our new place.

Making a house into a home takes a long time. Making a teenie little second-floor apartment into a house takes just as long, or so it appears.

Having about twice as many possessions as should comfortably fit into one’s home makes it rather difficult to keep it straightened and clean looking – mostly because the tiniest amount of mess makes the whole place feel like a pig sty. I generally solve this by cleaning one room at a time, and I’m learning whole new levels of picking up after myself to keep it at least marginally under control. As things have fallen into place, I’ve been collecting pictures, one room at a time. The whole place probably never looks this straight all at once, but here at least is the general idea of what they look like at their best.

The living room, where the magic happens. Studying, carding & spinning, loads of knitting, tv watching, game playing, and of course knitting. Note the fine black leather recliner we found on the side of the road. (It is wearing a kilt to hide the enormous rips.)

Our bedroom, painted a special shade of ambiguous yellow/green called “appletini” to go with our quilt. No matter what the rest of the house, or even the room, looks like, all I have to do is make the bed and put the quilt on to make at least this one spot feel put together.

The bathroom, lovingly painted a pretty sage green by my father-in-law.

And the dining room/library – most spacious in relation to its contents, and the least used, therefore easiest to maintain. I hope to use this space for some knitting classes, and lots of entertaining.

Finally, the kitchen: homebase for Operation Don’t Starve, captured at its cleanest moment since we moved in. This isn’t the fanciest kitchen, but I love it – plenty of counterspace, especially with the addition of our little portable dishwasher/island. Mostly more counterspace just means more surface area for me to leave crap on. But I am trying – oh, am I ever trying – to acquire that skill called “pick up your crap” that my poor mother has been trying to teach me ever since I learned to grasp objects with my fat little infant hands.

I left out the office, since that is now “Jared’s room” and I try not to impose my will there. And the hallway, since it is lined with weird ugly wallpaper that makes it look like fake wood paneling, and acts mostly as a catch basin for things that happen to be in my arms while I’m walking through it.

And that is our bungalow for the next three years, God willing. I hope you will come and visit us in it. The couch is actually quite comfortable.

6 thoughts on “Chateau of Love

  1. Hey it looks terrific!! You all have done a marvelous job organizing everything. I’ve been excited to see it after the chaos of moving in. What did you do with the white, shorter sofa (love seat?) Can’t wait to come up for Thanksgiving.


  2. You will see. Do not laugh too hard but all the floors and half the walls in my house are WOOD so I know what will work and what will not work.


    PS I havent used a real broom in a coons age!


  3. A coon’s age? lol. Also, if it makes a difference, the floors are not really wood. They are pretty nice laminate (probably those snap-in puzzle-piece types) but they are not at all real wood! I ❤ my swiffer.


  4. hey rebecca!looks great!cant wasit to come up for Thanksgivin’ and see it in person!

    love, little sis

    PS.I dont know bout’ a broom man…


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