No, I’ve never been to Boston in the Fall

Moving slightly upward – both in latitude and altitude – means that we can anticipate a winter rather longer than our Maryland-adjusted minds and bodies are used to. The beautiful weather we’ve had has meant that our new home appears as cheerful and welcoming as any place would, which we’ve appreciated… but all too soon it will degenerate into cold, overcast, continual misery. So during the few nice days we have left, I am collecting pictures of our little town to keep me afloat in the fleeting nostalgia of fall after it’s all gone. Here are a few of my favorites (you can see all of them if you are my friend on facebook).

With the Featherweight cardigan done, I needed some more plain jane knitting to do to keep my fingers busy while reading. Because reading is the work of a student that never, ever ends. Sometimes all that kept bringing me back to the 60 or so pages of Richard Hooker I had to read last week was the knowledge that I could keep my fingers busy.

All I mean by plain jane knitting is that it is either just knitting or just purling on any given row. There can be action – things can change between rows, and I don’t even mind a few decreases a row if they are signaled consistently by a handy stitch marker. The sort of knitting that easily-bored me would normally abhor, but which I now seek out in mass quantity.

A project I’ve been saving for just such an occasion is the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It’s an absolutely classic pattern that’s on the short list of “things you ought to try once if you’re really into knitting.” Like… If you’re into Sci Fi, it’s Firefly: Do it at least once; you’ll like it.

What is it that makes this pattern so cool? Well, you carefully follow EZ’s directions, which is more or less garter stitch with odd series of increases and decreases, adding stripes at random as it amuses you. You end up with a weird little misshapen dishcloth-like object.

But flip it over, do a little confused origami, and voila! You have a baby sweater! With nothing but the top of the sleeves to sew up.

Made with two colors of my Second Chance Worsted – the blue is dyed with black beans, and the brown is black walnut. I am in love with how sort of “rustique” they look together.

And what’s the only thing cuter than a little stripy baby sweater?

A second one with opposite stripes! *Squee!!* (You can probably guess who these are for.)

4 thoughts on “No, I’ve never been to Boston in the Fall

  1. Those are great, Rebecca! Yes, I want to make one. You are so lucky to have 3 little nephews to knit for. I hadn’t heard the sex of the babies. Congrats to Emily and whole family!
    By the way, I’m reading a very fun book: “Mason-Dixon Line Knitting” and there is the coolest, perfect project for your simple knitting needs: log cabin blankets!! Have you seen those? There is an amazing variety of ways to make them and they are incredibly simple. You can use up leftover yarn or do something amazing with new yarn. I’ll bring you the book if you haven’t seen this.


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