The Haul

I finally got my entries back from the State Fair – I moved before the fair ended, so I didn’t get my stuff back until this week. Now that it’s all in one place, I think I can say I did, um, hm, pretty well!

It’s a little weird coming right out there and tooting your own horn… I’m not sure what it is about our culture that says we should apologize when we do well at something. I’m as insecure as the next person, and always a little terrified as coming off as a snob or a show-off or anything else, because what I love is out in public in my hands all the time for all to see. So I’m fighting hesitation, but I think this time I am going to set it aside and celebrate a little. Because dang it…. I done did good.

Evenstar Shawl:

Howard County Fair – Blue ribbon (knitted shawls), Champion (Various knitted categories), Best in Show (knitting & crochet)

Maryland State Fair – Red ribbon (knitted shawls)

Norway in July:

Howard County Fair – Blue Ribbon (socks)

Maryland State Fair – Blue Ribbon (knitting misc.), special prize

Merino/Silk Handspun Lace:

Howard County Fair – Blue Ribbon (novice handspun, plied), Champion (novice), special prize

Maryland State Fair – Blue Ribbon (lace handspun, plied)

I’m completely bushed from schoolwork and trying to stay on top of life, so that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll go back to being helpful tomorrow, but for today I’ll leave it at… yay me!

3 thoughts on “The Haul

  1. Did the judges give you any comments? It’s great you won something because sometimes I enter these fairs and they don’t give any comments so I don’t know why they don’t like my work, or what did they like about it. Well done!


  2. Yes well done to echo mom! But, I was at the state fair and thought that your shawl should have won first. But, then again I am biased! I do know everyone asks me where did I buy mine as it looks too good to be hand knitted!

    Congrats and do toot your own horn!!!!


  3. I got a couple comments, quite encouraging. but i placed well so assume they didn’t have much negative to say. yeah it’s weird when you don’t place and you don’t know why! they gave helpful comments at sheep & wool, where i didn’t do as well.


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