Dear Mom – ribbing done!

Dear Mom,

When I finally finished the corrugated ribbing on my sweater, I had exactly one thing to say:


love love love love love.

I was a little iffy on the gradation of blues, but the gradation of naturals is so completely perfect that it ties it together just right.

At the beginning of this week, Jared & I were overwhelmed with reading assignments. It didn’t occur to us until Saturday night that since our Tuesday class had been canceled the previous week, we might have some extra reading to do before the next class. So lo and behold, we had a couple of evenings to read over 250 pages. But this had an upside: since we both had the same reading to do, we read to each other. Mostly Jared read to me, so the end result is that I made rip-roaring progress through the border.

I had serious doubts about the border, mostly because of the chart. The chart is essentially hideously ugly. But this is because (a) I had to use fairly far-fetched colors to sufficiently distinguish the 15 shades I am using, and (b) knit stitches are not actually square, so the whole thing was distorted lengthwise. But now that I am more than halfway through, I think the colors are working together splendidly and the whole thing looks decidedly “leafy” (and not like a weird heart or a cat’s head or any of the other mean names I might have called it.)

I’m sure you’re still way ahead of me, but at least I have something to show now, something I’m really quite proud of.

But I hear you are through the border, so now it’s your turn!

One thought on “Dear Mom – ribbing done!

  1. OOooo yes, it’s gorgeous!!! Very classy colors indeed. It’s so interesting seeing the same sweater in different colors…..esp. up close like that. (If I get too close on my point-and-shoot it just blurs.)
    My border is only 2/3 done. I’m so busy at the moment….esp. now that I’m learning to dye also!


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