Socktoberfest 2010

It’s October… for many knitters, it’s the start of our favorite season. The air is perfectly crisp and cool, the sunsets grow glorious as they get earlier, and we begin to pull out our woolens. We pull out all our precious handmade things, rediscovering them when they get their first wear for the season. We start thinking about knitting cozy wool sweaters and big afghans that will keep our laps warm as we work them.

It’s in this spirit that I’ve embraced my self-imposed sock club selection for the month:

Only the largest pair in the book. Traditional kilt hose girlified in bright purple yarn.

At least, that’s the idea. Several factors stand in my way: a still-unfinished lightweight sweater that I’m still obsessed with, a fair isle sweater that’s picking up steam, a lace shawl that calls my name every time I’m within a five-foot radius, the possibility that this pattern may be too complicated for me to work on in class, and the fact that this beautiful yarn was inherited from Jonica because it was so harsh it made her fingers bleed. (In other words, it does not bode well for me and the vice-grip I keep on yarn when knitting single-color socks.)

I shall not be daunted. It’s fall. The colors are changing as this year’s life goes into its glorious death throes, wild and nostalgic all at once. Anything might happen.

3 thoughts on “Socktoberfest 2010

  1. Ahhh, I recently used Nature Spun. You think it’s soft until you realize…. it’s not soft. !! But I used it for weaving, which is very different in terms of fabric production; perhaps it will work better for you!


  2. Oh girl! I hope that yarn behaves better for you than it did for me. I loved the color! So vibrant and bold. Just did not work out for me. That pattern is beautiful.


  3. Thanks so much for posting about Socktoberfest! It’s a wonderful time of year, isn’t it? Small world – I am also a huge Nancy Bush fan and happen to live in the same town as you do!


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