Wild Ride

At midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning, Jared & I had been on the road for 15 out of the previous 30 hours. Here’s how that happened.

Saturday, I got off work at 5 p.m. We ate dinner and got on the road around 6, heading south. After a near-disastrous stop at Sheetz, involving a very difficult jump of our car battery, we found out that our battery was so dead that we couldn’t turn off the engine if we wanted to continue going anywhere. So all pitstops from then on were relay races – stop, I jump out, run and pee, come back, Jared jumps out, runs and pees, and comes back, so we can leave the engine running.

We arrived at our destination – Wilmington, NC – around 1 a.m. to discover that Motel 6 had cancelled our reservation. We’d called twice to tell them how late we would be, but whoever Jared talked to made no note, our reservation was gone, and they had no vacancies. I really wanted to rip that receptionist a new one, but there was a cop just outside, so we let it go. We went across the street and got a more expensive room at a more accommodating motel that provided us with an insanely spacious room. It was clearly state-of-the-art 50 years ago, when everybody smoked, people were shorter, and beige-ish mauve was considered a soothing and fashionable color.

The next morning we slept a little late for church, so our trusty GPS found us a park where the above gazebo became church. We did morning prayer, punctuated with swatting away fire ants, and walked around a little. It was ungodly hot, but I couldn’t get over the southern flora.

Flora-ed out, we spent the remainder of our morning in a little Wilmington coffee shop, knitting and regaining energy.

My knitting of choice for this trip was from a knit along that just started at the shop on Saturday: the Proverbial Cap by Meg Swanson, published in the latest Interweave Knits, Fall 2010.

It’s all twisted stitch cabling – meaning every knit stitch in the entire project is twisted. This is done by knitting through the back loop, which makes the stitch twist on itself, tighten, and stand up prominently against a purled background. Between the twisted stitches and the fact that I’m using a worsted weight yarn (Berroco’s Pure Merino) on US 4’s, it’s a VERY tight and VERY slow project. So it’s a good thing I brought Jared’s sock along for when my wrists just couldn’t stand it anymore.

The answer to last week’s puzzle was that Jared wanted an Anglican shield as the symbol on his socks. I enjoyed reading all of the guesses very much, but by Jared’s judgment Bethany’s guess was the closest, as the shield is basically St. George’s cross on a shield. But one of the guesses was such a good idea that we decided to put a different symbol on the second band around the foot:

Little Books of Common Prayer. Thanks for the inspiration, CC!

A kiwi-flavored smoothie, along with some quality needle time, gave us the strength we needed for the purpose of our journey, which took place at 1 p.m.

There are a few wonderful, exciting, joyful things in life that are totally worth an insane road trip to be a part of. My freshman roommate, Petra, finally married her lovely husband Richard on Sunday. I re-learned how to dance the Horah, danced around the room helping carry Petra around in a chair, and was so pleased that the wedding was such a size that I actually got a chance to visit and catch up with my friend. One of her bridesmaids and another of our school friends, Danielle, made the chuppah:

All hand-sewn and embroidered. It’s enough to make me want to be bicraftual. But who am I kidding? If I had occasion to make a chuppah, I’d knit one. but Danielle did a fantastic job. I can’t get over the little ribbon flowers, with little gold beads in the middle! Gah! Love embellishments!

We had a blast, and got home in one piece (and got a new battery the next day). Mazel Tov, Petra & Richard, and thanks for having us!

One thought on “Wild Ride

  1. I have my great grandmothers, great great grandmothers chuppah! They are handmade and so so pretty! Alot of work goes into them. I think my aunt got my grandmothers. Not too sure! Glad you both had fun!


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