Sock continues safely and soundly, but self-control makes for really boring blog posts, so I had to do something drastic to maintain your attention.

This is what I looked like this morning. I’d give you a more accurate “before” picture, but my camera battery died before I got a good picture of my hair in the back. To give you an idea, my hair came down a few inches below the armpit, or in my case, about mid-boob level. (I realize this is not an absolute measurement.)

But no more!

I’ve been waffling for weeks on whether to cut all my hair off to donate it, and vaguely considering it for months and months before that. Jolene finally challenged me to go through with it. After a few more days of self-doubt, I realized that donating my hair to Locks of Love is probably on my Bucket List. I know I’m just 24, and have no intention of kicking said bucket any time soon, but it was so fulfilling last time I crossed something off that I figured… why wait? Life’s too short to cram all the cool stuff in at the very end when I’ve got too much arthritis to enjoy it.

So now it’s gone!

That’s 12 inches of my own hair, folks. There was a little wincing as the scissors first cut across that ponytail, but afterwards… I felt nothing but a lifting weight. No regrets!

My hair was cut by a cool chica at the Catonsville Hair Company (I know they have a new website but I can’t seem to find it). If you’re donating, they will cut and wash and style and dry your hair all for free.

I took my new ‘do for a spin out to The Perfect Pour, a very neat booze emporium in Columbia that wins the prize for ambiance as far as I’m concerned. We got to sample some wines, but our main objective was to sample some Heavy Seas beer. Heavy Seas, formerly Clipper City, is an awesome Baltimore brewery that we got to tour about a year ago. Small, snarky, creative, and yummy, we will force it on any and all of our new Pittsburgh friends as soon as we can find where to get it up there. (And as soon as we, like, make more friends.)

I did not intend for this to become a local business expo, but there it is. My hair passed the test. I am not sure this look is “me”, but it is cute and cheerful and pink, and those things are me. When I shake my head it bounces! This is very novel. I went into this thing proverbially clutching my buttocks, going through with it hoping to benefit some kid with cancer who has more gumption than I’ve mustered in thrice the time, and it turned out to be fun.

It’s pretty nice when it works out that way.

6 thoughts on “Drastic

  1. ” I went into this thing proverbially clutching my buttocks” Awesome statement!

    I LOVE the hair!! I know just how you feel – that’s how I felt when I chopped my own off. It feels so light and fluffy!


  2. It does look cute! I went “drastic” 3 days ago, but only cut 5 inches and got the long layered look. It IS nice not having so much hair to deal with….and feeling more light-weight on my head. Ours will both grow back quickly if we want it to, although for me….I think I’m done permanantly with really long hair.


  3. You look great with your new haircut, Rebecca! =) I’m sure it’s nice and refeshing to have short hair for these hot days. (I also loved the above post about the cat. Reminds me of my parents’ cat…come to think of it, my mom actually mailed me a card once ‘from my cat’ and she uncannily sounded like your cat…)


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