2 years

As of today, Jared Osborn and myself have been

friends for ten years (when we met)

committed for six years (minus ten days- DTR)

in mutual affection for four years (when we started dating)

in love for three years (when we got engaged)

and married for two years.

I want to say to my love, happy anniversary (and also uhm happy belated birthday!) Glad you like your alpacatastic sweater. Yarn: Atacama by Araucañía, 100% alpaca (discontinued). Pattern: “Hooded Alpaca Parka” from Knitting With Balls by Michael de Vecchio.

Yarn review: As is alpaca’s wont, this yarn was very soft and pleasant to work with. The handpainted color was terrific, and I didn’t even mind switching balls every two rows to make sure I didn’t get any horrendous and inconsistent pooling. There’s still a little inconsistency, but it totally evens out in the end. I will say that this is not the softest alpaca I’ve worked with – it has a wee bit of itch. That may have been how it was spun. But hey, they made no claims about it being baby alpaca, and it’s not like the company is making it any more for me to complain about it.

Pattern review: I really enjoyed the construction of this sweater. The body in one piece went surprisingly fast, the one-piece construction cut whole inches off the individual knitting of the sleeves, and the yoke was fast (I always feel like yokes fly by). I was surprised that I was not bored into a coma by the garter ribbing pattern that covered the whole thing. Unfortunately, this pattern is par for the course as far as errors are concerned – this book is full of them, and I can’t find errata anywhere on the intarwebs. The instructions for the raglan decreases did not at all match the picture, which I liked, so I made them like the picture. I will probably have to rip out the top of the hood and make it shorter, but that’s my own fault.

But no matter how you slice it, for my husband,

who is always there for me,

who leads, but never lords it over me,

who respects and supports me,

while in general being capable and awesome in more or less every way himself,

it was 100% worth the effort.

2 thoughts on “2 years

  1. Happy Anniverysary you guys! You’ve been a joyful couple and a blessing every where you go. Love, Mom
    I also LOVE the sweater! It’s a great color on him and it fits beautifully.


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