Accidentally Interesting

Remember when I said that I wouldn’t have anything for you to see for a while? A quick dig through the work-in-progress (WIP, a.k.a. UnFinished Object or UFO) basket contradicted me right off.

I realized about a week ago that my wee-est sister’s birthday was coming up, and that I had a UFO with her name on it, so I’d better get hustling.

Remember these?

The stripiness is built into the yarn, but the zig-zag-iness is from the pattern - increases and decreases in a line draw the fabric up and down cleverly. Downside: they don't stretch much.

These poor dear socks, (Pattern: Jaywalker socks (rav link) by Grumperina (rav name). Yarn: Serenity Sock Weight. Flowers: Spring mix from Dad O.) were originally supposed to be a Christmas present for a friend with small feet. I noticed they were coming out not just small, but very small; but I had enough misguided optimism to get almost through them without changing what I was doing. I knew I was screwed, though, when my mom came to visit with my 8-year-old sister in tow, and the 8-year-old just barely got them on her feet, though they were a bit long for her.

So here it is, the end of March, and that 8-year-old sister turned 9 on Sunday! Monday I was all set to rip out the toe and make them shorter, but a quick phone call to her residence and a short exercise with a tape measure discerned that my sister’s feet are now precisely the length of these socks. I took this as a sign of good fortune that this footwear was indeed meant to be for her all along, and refuse to entertain the possibility that my sister’s feet might have grown proportionally in width to length between December and April.

We’ll see, in an hour or two, when I take them to her house to be tried on.

Happy Birthday to Bethany, the prettiest chica in all the land!

One thought on “Accidentally Interesting

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