We’ll be right back!

We will now take a break from our regular Olympic coverage for a message from our sponsors.

Small Cute Humans in Funny Hats

They are the real reason we knit anything.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Ganomy Hat (rav link) in Jolene’s handspun, hand-dyed yarn.

Also brought to you by:

Figure Skating

(photo from here)

I have to say I was completely thrilled with the men’s long program last night. As someone who had 6 years of their life completely taken over by this sport, I have to say I retain a deep affection for it, but I was getting worried watching it degenerate into a game of more and more extreme jumps. I mean, if the quad is what determines who is going to win, why even bother with a program? Just line up ten guys and see who can land the most quads in a row. But last night the winner (aside from being from the US, which is awesome) didn’t win because of a quad – he didn’t even have one in his program. He landed every jump perfectly cleanly, but more than that, he had incredible artistry, power, and performance. That is what I love about the sport, so I am really excited to see that it still matters at the highest levels.

Congratulations, Evan Lysacek! Go team USA!

One thought on “We’ll be right back!

  1. That baby hat is so cute! I can totally envision you as a figure skater!! I have this fantasy that one day I’ll get into….but in reality, I know it won’t happen. It’s such a beautiful/peaceful sport. I was able to what the couples short program, but Josh and I gave up TV for Lent, so I’ll have to wait until after Easter to watch the rest (I bought a subscription to them on iTunes so they get downloaded to my computer and will available later 🙂

    Keep on going with that shawl! I may know nothing about knitting, but I think it looks beautiful so far!


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