Day 3

My Knitting Olympics project has a name: “Serra.” Points for you if you can figure out why. Hint: it has to do with the Ravelympics team I am on (see previous post).

I am finding myself confused by the relative surface area of circles of expanding radius. Why? It’s three days into the Knitting olympics, and I’m this far:

It looks like crap, but it’s lace, so it’s going to go on looking like crap until the end. Dark, indistinguishable crap.

My progress so far:

At the party, I tried very hard to figure out that weird circular cast on thing, but I eventually gave up. I’ll really need to figure it out if I ever hope to teach a class on this shawl, but I’ll save such puzzles for non-deadline knitting (like the Evenstar shawl, also circular). For now, I just did a provisional cast on – crochet 9 stitches and knit into them. When I feel like it at some point, I’ll pull out those crochet stitches and pull the center stitches tight. If I was smart, I would have done this in a contrasting color, and not with the same very very dark and hard to see yarn that the rest of the project is in.

Because the middle of a circle is a lot smaller than the outside, after two days of knitting I am through the first two lace patterns and into the third. The first lace pattern was done on 72 stitches, the second on 144, and the third on 290… so I’m slowing down a little bit. It looks as if I’ve barely made a dent in the first skein of sock yarn, and it’s supposed to take three and some to complete this. I’m trying to use this knowledge to prevent myself from feeling like I’m making amazingly fast progress. I’m probably not. The big netting lace part on the outside (which is a technique inexplicably called “fagoting”) will probably take forever and a lot of yarn.

I am in Pittsburgh, it is cold, I’m getting a weird rash on my knitting fingers, and am feeling vaguely like I am getting a cold… this will be a test indeed.

One thought on “Day 3

  1. Rebbie,

    That does look good. Lace is not pretty until it is done and blocked. Never has been for me. And I am waiting to CO for the evenstar one too as I will need some small DPNS for the circular cast on. There is a utube video that is good and I will share that with you as it basically shows you how to do a circular doing something like an icord to start with. Then after a few rows you put it on the DPNs and take off from there. Let me see if I can find it. I tried it with a dk yarn and it worked great! Will see how it goes with lace weight yarn!


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