Diary of a Snow Day, Part Trois

Report from the underground:

Tolerance for video games at an all-time low.

Need exercise.

Boiling 1.5-year-old clams smell like boiling dog chow… or like an overheated long-haired dog who lives in a mud pit.

Hopes still high for clam chowder.

White-out conditions outside.

Car still not dug out.

Wouldn’t matter – my car on the road would equal a long stay in a ditch and a long bill from a towing company.

CSA delayed until Friday.

Two tangerines left.

May decide to attempt the induction of a medical coma until the snow melts.

Don’t know how to do this without hemlock.

Don’t know what a hemlock plant looks like.

Hemlock plants are probably utterly without leaf.

Acquiring hemlock would require going outside. This would medically induce death.

Attempting to induce coma the only other way I know how:

Garter stitch scarf.

3 thoughts on “Diary of a Snow Day, Part Trois

  1. Oh babe! I am feeling you. Know excatly what you mean. Husband is on this hot dog kick. I hate hot dogs. I am not a big meat person anyway. I have done the swatch at least 10 times now for the evenstar mystery shawl and told myself this would be the last one. Need to get the pineapple doily done before friday night for the olympic knitting I am going to do. Was tempted to start it anyway as I am going nowhere! So I know excatly what you are talking about. And really a great last meal is steak with fried mushrooms and hemlock to season. Husband is now moving away from me. Good boy!


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