We walked into our house when we got home from Urbana, and it was 47 degrees indoors. The heat went on. Fjord and Zerg…. we’ll get you next year.

I felt all hardcore until we went to drop off my brother’s Christmas present at his Towson apartment last night. He greeted us at the door wearing a winter coat, as it wasn’t much warmer inside than it had been outside. When we inquired as to why, he said “Oh yeah. We don’t use heat.”

One thought on “Defeat

  1. My kids!!! Where does this come from?? Did I not have the house warm enough when they were growing up? Did I make them feel guilty for complaining about the cold? Did I overly teach the value of saving money? Gee whiz!! Please my dear children, turn the heat on and take care of yourselves. I’m suffering here!
    Actually, I know Rebecca did, and it was a relief to visit her and not have my metal needles freeze to my figure tips while we chatted. But can anyone save my son???


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