On the Third Day of Christmas

I knitted for my mom,

A big black moebius circular scarf.

Pattern was out of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around; it’s the moebius scarf, garter stitch with integrated i-cord edging. Yarn: Berroco’s Peruvia Quick, in, uh, black. Needles were size 11 I think. The perfect gift for my mom who has, sadly, fallen prey to a perilous disease known to our society as “golf.” Swinging a club all the time would, I imagine, make a scarf amazingly annoying. Also, by her own admission, mom’s rather finicky about hats. Normally I would have made her something in a crazy multicolored something, preferably dominated by red, but in a moment of unusually good taste and remarkable forethought, I made her something that will actually coordinate with her new red and black coat.

Things I learned from this project:

1. REALLY big needles? They make projects go REALLY fast. Again, duh. Also, they eat up yarn like Rebecca eats Pringles when she’s home alone all day watching stargate and scrapbooking.

2. Integrated I-cord is really easy, fun, and makes anything look elegant.

3. Grafting ends together with integrated I-cord is probably one of those things I should have like learned how to do before attempting to do it. There are times when an overabundance of confidence and a less-than-perfectionistic attitude towards my work are less handy than they sound.

One thought on “On the Third Day of Christmas

  1. I love my scarf!! But you don’t golf, silly, when it’s so cold out you would need a scarf. I don’t like hats because I have long hair and almost always wear a clip in the back. That makes hats impossible. Hoods work. Huge wide scarves work. And the one you made me is perfect.
    Thank you,


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