On the first day of Christmas

I knitted for my friend:

A little baby purse of much cuteness!

It is my own pattern, “The Practical Purse,” which is currently in testing phase, but will hopefully become my first paid pattern. A miniature version of the purse you’ve probably seen me toting everywhere I go, it includes side pockets and an inner pocket. The whole thing is lined. Rachel got the smallest of the 3 sizes, about 8×8, in a blend of light brown, teal, and natural.

Things I learned romt his project:

1. I will never EVER again knit with Lion Cotton. I hate it with every wool-loving fiber of my being. I’m even going to rewrite the pattern to use Tahki Cotton Classic. Lion Cotton is pretty enough, cheap, and sturdy, but using it is like tilling clay.

2. I need to take my sewing machine in to be serviced.

3. 8×8 is a SMALL purse.

One thought on “On the first day of Christmas

  1. In your own words, Rebecca, I learned 4 things this past hour, catching up on all your blogs:
    1) If I need a good laugh, I will go to your web site.
    2) If I need some inspiration to knit, I will go to your web site.
    3) If I need encouragement after I’ve blown it, I’ll go to your web site.
    4) I’ve been missing a whole lot not visiting the web site more often. I’ll not repeat that mistake.
    Love you,


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