Christmas is 10 days away. I choked on my apple a little bit when I typed that. Not to fear, though. I finished a thing I had been ignoring (even added to it), recovered a project that I had misplaced, entered the fourth level of denial that another project I am 80% done with is not going to work out. Most of my “have to” projects are finished, with the exception of one sock and a knitted dog. There are other things that will get finished if I manage to find that hole in the space-time continuum that I keep looking for. In the meantime, happy birthday to Coleen!

Yarn: Wullenstudio Merino Sock yarn, Colorway “Bungle in the Jungle.” Lovely limey olive semi-solid, couldn’t put it down it was so soft. In nice kits put together by Sheila for the knit-along. Pattern: Undulating Waves by Laura Nelkin. Tricky at the start until you get the hang of it; not the most intuitive thing I’ve ever made, but with very rewarding results. I’ve no idea where Sheila got the beads. As ever, acquired via (and photographed on the premises of) Cloverhill Yarn Shop. Link away.

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