Look! I made a banner!

Welcome to the new site! After a few days of agonizing in which I did very little, Fjord did some stuff I didn’t see, and Jared did some stuff I don’t understand, osbornfiber.com has launched. I hope you enjoy the pretty new format. Soon (by which I mean “when I get around to it unless a bunch of people nag me) I’ll have pages with some free patterns, links to some not-free patterns, pictures of all of my yarns, links to my as-yet-uncreated Etsy store, and other such nuggets of wonderment. And I’d like to get most of that done by Dec. 4th, when the open house hits. Just to let you know, I will probably be drinking so much coffee that I will hug strangers on the street in a caffeine-induced euphoria. I’m counting on my friends to keep me from getting arrested on an assault charge.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving everyone! I’m going to go dig through the piles of yarn on my stove, see if I can find the counter, and make a sour-cherry-cream-cheese pie using only my wits and intuition. REDWAAALL!

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