When I Don’t Knit

Through a bizarre mix of circumstances, I haven’t knit for three days.

I hate even typing that.

My time at the shop has been consumed by adding twist to my recycled yarn; this translates to a lot of time at the spinning wheel. My time at home has been consumed by ripping out sweaters to gain said recycled yarn. The only time left that I had to knit has been in the car, when I’ve either forgotten a needle or forgotten the knitting (I know!). As a result, I’m coming up on three whole days when nary a stitch has been performed under my fingers.

It’s interesting watching what happens when I’m not knitting. For example, people who are talking to me become more boring. I become just the slightest bit grouchier. I discover how good I am at cracking my wrists.

But, believe it or not, hilarious great things can happen in my life without knitting. Just when you thought that me having a life without fiber would catapult me into a twitching mess, something like this happens.

Taco Bell run at 10 p.m. in Catonsville, just after their lobby closed. YAG discovers crunch wraps, to mixed reviews, and Mountain Dew Berry Blast, now referred to as “That Insipid Stuff.”

There are all kinds of fun things to learn and do at Taco Bell. Like the fact that all the big light up signs have a light switch at the bottom of them. That you can just walk up to and flip on and off. Also, that Taco Bell should probably say something to the car repair place with a sign right next to their drive-thru.

(It was recommended in hindsight that I wait until the car in the drive through passed before taking this picture. So I have respectfully covered this gentleman’s face.)

I have more re-twisting to get through today, but tonight’s activities will be quite knitting-conducive, so I should get my fingers back in gear. Assuming, of course, that I remember all my needles.

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